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Sensualsignature is not just a site where you can buy your play toys from, it is also a site that
promotes Romance, sexy and sensual. Whether you are just starting out as a couple or have been
together for years the truth is romance often goes out of the window quickly when a couple reaches
a certain level of comfort or when LIFE happens, but do we really need to allow it? I don’t think so.
At sensualsignature we are here to give you tips on how to get your grove back, how to create the
perfect romance with the items we sell, you don’t have to wait for that special occasion to do so,
learn to Live everyday like it’s your Last.

1. Explore new territories in your body with the sex toys
2. Create the perfect bathroom experience: crack open that lovely bubble bath soap, bath oil,
salt, Candles, incense. Who says sex should only be in the bedroom?
3. Get cooking wearing your role play out fit.
4. Mix it up in front of your fire place especially during the winter, a fluffy duvet spread on the
floor with candles/oil burning everywhere and a nice bottle of wine to go with it, trust me
the smell of the oil and candle burning is enough aphrodisiac.
5. Bring sexy back: Ladies how about living him to his imagination by wearing any of the sexy
lingerie…with your hair nicely done, a little make up and his best perfume, we are not
leaving the men out, HELL NO! Men how about wearing one of those thongs either the
edible ones or the normal ones, why not take it a step further and do a striptease while you
are at it!

What we Sell:

BULLET VIBRATOR: A bullet vibrator is one of the most basic and widely used sex toys. It resembles a
large bullet; these vibrators tend to be short and narrow for portability. Bullet vibrator can be used
by both men and women and couples, applying bullet vibrator to the clitoris can help bring on a fast
and powerful orgasm during intercourse and foreplay. These discreet and compact vibrators can
also be used for anal play and during oral sex.

COCK-RINGS: Cock Rings also known as Penis Rings, are a type of sex toy that will literally blow you
away. Men can use them to enhance their erection and sensation during sex and masturbation. Cock
Ring restrict the blood flow out of the penis just enough to keep it harder than normal, it helps you
potentially last longer with a harder hard-on. It is best to put on the Cock Ring when you are semi-

VIBRATOR: Brief history on how the vibrator came into existence, a funny one at that! A respectable
Victorian doctor who grew tired of bringing female patients to orgasm using his fingers alone
decided to come up with an alternative and that was the birth of vibrators in the 19 th century, yes
you heard me right! The vibrator was invented to treat a condition known as HYSTERIA, looking up
the meaning of HYSTERIA I found a lot of medical terms used but in simple English it means sexual
frustration…. LOL, So the vibrator was invented to help reduce the sexual tension in women and till
today we still use it as a massage sex toy used for sexual pleasure and erotic stimulation, wanting to
get your groove back on? Our sexy vibrators are your best bet.

BABY-DOLL LINGERIE: Did you know that the first person to create the baby doll lingerie is a designer
call Sylvia Pedlar, she produced the design between the late 30’s and early 40’s during the world war
due to shortage of fabric, talk about CREATIVITY, and today it is sold and worn worldwide. Baby Doll
lingerie is extremely popular today, seen as a nightwear, “CLASSIC” the baby doll continues to be
remade and updated by designers. This piece brings out the sexy and sensual in ‘YOU’. Having a
piece like this tells you we aim to please’.

FANCY DRESS: Many times we get consumed with LIFE, Yes, I mean LIFE and we often forget about
romance, this is what this category is all about, helping you remember romance, sexy, sensual,
naughtiness and striptease. Pick a character, dress up as one and enjoy the role play, how bad can it
be to enjoy your sex life every now and again? Try it out and thank me later!

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